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Custom AI Analytics for your projects

Tell us what patents or classifications are of interest.

We will provide customized online tools for analytics.

  • High precision search - e.g. Invalidity, Licensability, Freedom to Operate

  • High recall search - e.g. Patentability, Landscape

  • Organize thousands of patents into similar clusters

  • Curate and use clusters for human analysis

  • Find claims similar to query text or document

  • Map patents to standards and non patent literature


High Performance Search for your data

Upgrade your search infrastructure to Deep Learning AI.

We will provide custom features with proprietary tech.

Document Zoom
  • Extract key invention of a patent, and curate for use

  • Browse querywords' context and usage in patent - find definitions, judge scope and quality of claims

Word Graph
  • Tune query to contextually precise search terms

  • Expand or narrow scope of search

Document Finder
  • Find similar documents by query text or document

  • Sort by document score or querywords score

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